Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weird science (#11)

Not too long ago, I was googling things you can grow from seeds in your kitchen as developmentally appropriate science experiments for young children. I thought, hmm, someday when I have more time. Anyways, happy to be off for Veteran's Day, after making chocolate pancakes with free-trade cocoa and Halloween candy for breakfast this morning, I was putting away the dishes from the dish drain that Tony had washed on my birthday 9 days ago (I had asked Tony for a clean kitchen for my birthday). And no, that's not how long it's been since I've washed dishes, but we've been eating out or at Uncle Bill's a lot lately and it's been that long since I've put all the clean dishes away, just grabbing them off the top of our very deep sink.

La la la la la, hmm? What's this? Why it looks like something's growing in my dish drain! I looked closer, and saw in the drain, a 2-week old damp pumpkin seed with a little green shoot growing in our sink. I tried to pull it up, but it was stuck. I grabbed the camera and yelled for Tony and Maiya to come see the science experiment.

Yes, 6" tall pumpkin shootsWith the roots growing through the drainer, it was 15 " tall
So I did put it in a cup on the sink in the window, just like those science experiments from the internet. I also did wash all the dishes from breakfast, and they are sitting in the dish drain waiting to be put away. If anything comes of it, I'll let you know.

NaBloPoMo #11.


z. said...

Whoa! Super cool!!

Janet said...

That is very cool...I've never attempted to grow anything with the girls, because I have a black thumb, but maybe I should just drop a few seeds in the drain and see what happens!

b.q. said...

HILARIOUS! I have a few nursing stories about helping the Doc take various beans & seeds out of little kids noses & ears. Things tend to sprout well in a good damp human environment. I've found that kids don't want to tell anyone until the bean or seed starts growing, because that's when it starts bugging them. ha. kids!