Monday, November 10, 2008

Pampering J.K. (#10)

I like to pamper myself once or twice a year. Today, on my day off, I took Maiya to preschool and then went to the gym and read the chapter for my assignment due today. Then, I went and got gas, spent less than $50 (yay!), then went and got a haircut. I told her, "Just cut it all off. Really short." Of course, she kind of freaked out, and was hesitant, but I said, "I'm not real tied to my hair, so just cut it so it can be wash and wear." So she did. Then I was walking to go to get a slice of pizza then I noticed (for the first time) that the place next door was a nail salon. I must have passed it 50 times before. So I walked in, and got a supreme pedicure, with hot stone massage and massage chair. It's the most elaborate pedi of the 4-5 times in my life I've gotten one. Then I went and got my pizza slice, then went over to Jamba Juice and got a yogurt/fruit/granola thing with a gift card.

Next, I'm heading over to pick up Larry from dialysis, then I have to do some homework that's due tonight for my class. That's it. That's my day off. And the nice thing is, that I actually got to take my day off this week, and that I'm also off tomorrow for Veteran's Day. Not only that, but it will be Erin's Bday and my not so little brother Darin's 40th Bday.

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Janet said...

What an awesome day! Sure beats mine - Michaels, Walmart, Publix, the girls' ballet class...
Good for you!