Monday, November 17, 2008

Joy Brings Joy (#17)

On Saturday, we went to Baby Joy's Red Egg & Ginger/1st Birthday Party in Gardena. I found myself overcome with emotion as new parents Jenn & Bill described how Joy came into their life, all the way from China, and how she got her beautiful name. It was so wonderful to see how this sweet little girl has captured their hearts and enriched their lives in the few months she has been in their lives. Also at the party were two more little girls, who were adopted from China at the same time as Joy.
Maiya sharing cake with new friend Genevieve (Giselle and Dean's little girl)
Trying to take a family photo, although Maiya was not so into it. The smoke and ash from the fires was making it hard to breathe outside, but it made for interesting colors in the sky.

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