Saturday, February 25, 2006

Two links and a pushy baby

Ok, there's only 3 Japantowns left in this country, and one of them is at risk! Please check out the petition to Save the San Francisco Japantown! Click here and pass it on to a friend:

Have you heard about the Johari window? Well, here's your chance to check it out and tell me what kind of person you think I am. I know, I know, kind of like asking, how do you like me now? And in case you didn't know, Jenazon is my gaming name (from Diablo), and Jenazon40 is my AIM name. Click here: Jenazon's Johari Window.

A Quick Maiya Update: Maiya isn't walking just yet, but the last few days, she's been taking more and more little steps. Today and the other day, she said "toast," but it sounds like "tostodt" or "dost" when I am asking her if she wants toast for breakfast. She loves her whole wheat toast. She's also been looking at pictures more intently and pointing to them and saying "bish" or "dish" or "dis" and babbling all the time. After 9 days, she is happily diarrhea free. And finally, since you haven't seen a picture in over a week, here's a picture of my favorite gal in the world. I call it, "Pushy Baby" just cause lately, she's into pushing chairs.

Pushy Baby

Friday, February 17, 2006

This week in pictures...

We had a small family BBQ for Maiya's 1st Birthday on Sunday. Daddy grilled lots of yummy food! Maiya and Grandpa shared a birthday cake (he's 75!). It was a carrot cake with cream cheese filling from Angel Maid. It was delish.

Happy Bday to me & Grandpa!

Me with Mama and Daddy in our backyard

Here's Maiya in her tie-dye onesie at Chris Iijima's memorial service. Auntie Nobuko sang a medley of songs from "A Grain of Sand" and there were a lot of other cool performances.

We are the offspring of the concentration camp,
we are the children of the Japanese gardener,
who will leave their stamp on Amerika!

This week, Maiya went for her 12 month appointment, and had some shots. We decided to delay the MMR vaccination. The doctor also told us that Maiya has lost weight in the last 3 months! Since then, she's had a fever, lots of vomiting (all over Mommy and Daddy) and diarrhea. Poor baby girl. But never mind all that, she's having fun on her new ride!

I like to drive my new car and put stuff in the trunk!

Some sad news this week. Finally, Auntie Tazu has been found. She was Tony's great uncle Chi's sister who had been missing since January 10th. Apparently her van went over a steep enbankment into the Williamette River near Bend, Oregon. It was amazing the generosity of hundreds of volunteers who organized and searched for her for over a month. Our deepest condolences to Auntie Tazu's family.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tony on Japanese TV... Celebrating Chris

Tony was interviewed for JATV, a Japanese news show recently about the Little Tokyo Mural. The show aired on Saturday night. Tony, along with Kei, from J-town Voice! were interviewed about the recent high-end housing development and its affects on the residents and small business owners in Little Tokyo. I just learned that the interview is available on their website.

Here it is: Renaissance of Little Tokyo. Tony's part is only about a minute long... it's towards the end. Let us know if you're able to view it online.

Chris Iijima performing with Great Leap in 1997

On another note, this Saturday, Feb. 11th there will be a program Come-Unity, celebrating Chris Iijima's life and legacy at the West L.A. College Theater at 1pm.

Chris was Nobuko's musical partner back in the early 70s when they toured the country for 3 years and then recorded the first Asian American album--music and songs from the birth of the Asian American Movement.

In 1997, the year I started working with Nobuko at Great Leap, they had their first "reunion concert" at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State. Over the next 3 or 4 years, I booked over a dozen gigs for Nobuko, Chris and Charlie Chin, at colleges all around the country. Chris was many things in his life, a lawyer, activist, father, professor, songwriter, and more. I appreciated his righteous contributions to "The Movement" through his music.

There is info on the Great Leap website, and there is a Chris Iijima blog with info about this weekend's memorial service.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Since she turned one...

Maiya turned one year's old on Wednesday. Since that time, we've been busy! On Thursday, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa had back surgery on Tuesday, and by the next day, he was up and walking again! I was so happy to catch such a cute, cute picture of Maiya with Grandma and Grandpa. Maiya had a fun day, being the center of attention all day long.

Maiya with Grandma and Grandpa on a warm winter's day

Then on Saturday, we had quite a bit of excitement when a photographer from PeopleMagazine came over to take pictures of us! We were interviewed about how we co-sleep with Maiya. Apparently, the writer who interviewed us, googled onto our blog and read that we share a family bed. Anyways, Maiya was a great sport for the first hour, but then in the 2nd hour, she was getting a little cranky, and so I nursed her to sleep. The photographer continued taking pictures of us all "sleeping"--I started smiling when I heard the even breathing of Tony dozing off! Anyways, it's possible that there will be an article and photos of us in the magazine in the next few weeks. The writer and the photographer were really supportive--hope the article turns out well.

Also on Saturday, Maiya Grace got to meet Grace Lee Boggs, our dear friend and mentor from Detroit. Maiya is named after Grace, an amazing community activist at 90 years young! Grace was in town for the weekend for the latest Great Leap workshops, "To All Relations: The Art of Weaving Faiths." We wish we had more time to spend with amazing Grace and our awesome friend Shea, but since we didn't, we'll have to try to get to Detroit this summer.

Maiya Grace and Grace

Finally, on Saturday night, we finally did a cake for Maiya. Tony got Phillips BBQ for dinner, and got a slice of carrot cake. We put a candle in it, sang "the song" to her, and took pictures of Maiya with her first birthday cake!!!

Happy Birthday Girl! Blow out the candle!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Yee! It's Maiya's birthday today! Our little girl turned one years old today. Can't hardly believe that it's been a year since Maiya was born. Yesterday I said to Tony, "Hey, today is the anniversary of our labor!"

She has definitely changed our life. And she is amazing us with little changes every day. Tonight, she was trying to climb up on the couch and had her leg and foot reaching all the way on the couch, but couldn't quite get there on her own. Tony gave her butt a little boost and as she got up and leapt into my arms, she was giggling and lauging like crazy, and so proud of herself! We were overjoyed! What fun!

Life is busy, working 3 days a week. The days off are filled with errands, housework, community stuff and activities with Maiya. Yesterday, we had our third neighborhood playdate. One of the girls is 2 weeks older than Maiya, and the other is about 3 1/2 weeks younger than Maiya. It's been a few months since our first get together, so the girls have really grown and changed a lot! Both girls are walking now, so that is very fun to watch.

So, indulge me in a few photos going back a year... and then, a few photos of our one year old cutie patootie.

Born 2/1/05 at 5:41 pm after 37 hours of labor

Baby Maiya, 8 pounds, 11 oz.

Kuida-Osumi leaving the hospital

Maiya at one years old, approx. 20 pounds

Happy Bday to me!