Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's MG-isms (#24)

In the car this morning: Mommy, when I am 4 years old I want to go on a airplane. I want to go on a airplane to Granny Franny's house. Can I go to Granny Franny's house? Is it very far away?

In the car tonight:
JK: Did you know that Thanksgiving is this week?
MG: I thanks-ful for Mommy and Daddy.

Laughing hysterically at a Greg & Steve Song:
MG: Mommy, I can't stop laughing at this funny song! (Pause) Mommy, L says that I am not funny. She says that H is a funny boy, but I am not a funny girl. But I AM funny!
JK: What? Maiya, you are very funny. You're the funniest girl I know.
MG: I know!

Mommy cooking dinner tonight (Hamburger Helper--ground turkey stroganoff):
MG: Mommy is not a very good cook.
JK: Maiya, just because I don't cook very often doesn't mean I'm not a good cook.
MG: But daddy is a good cook... and you're a good cleaner!
JK: Oh.
MG: But daddy isn't a very good cleaner, is he?
JK: Hmm. You're right. Daddy isn't a very good cleaner but he is a good cook.

Just now on the 1973 red rotary dial phone (not plugged in) next to me: "Hi Kaylee, where are you? Grandma Machi's house? Oh, hold on a minute. Mommy, she's at Grandma Machi's house. Umm, Kaylee? Are you working with Grandma Machi? Oh, you are? Mommy, she's working with Grandma Machi. Uh huh, what are you doing? Auntie Gayle's there? Oh! So? Oh are you having fun there? No? Mommy she's not having fun there. Oh? She said yes. She changed her mind mommy. Bye bye."

Right now she is reading all the numbers on the channel labels for our vintage 9" Sharp TV. Ok, I got to get this girl in the bath and to bed. Then I have to read and outline a chapter and study for Exam #2 in my class. Have to complete it tonight or tomorrow.

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