Saturday, November 08, 2008

Day @ Magic Mountain (#8)

Auntie Keiko took me & Maiya to Magic Mountain today. It was Auntie's first time in 35 years, my first time in 15 years, and Maiya's first time ever. We pretty much spent the whole day in Bugs Bunny World, going on all the kiddie rides. It was fun, but tiring with a lot of walking, minus a little meltdown Maiya had in Gotham City after lunch. The low point was me thinking that I lost my wallet and waiting 25 minutes in line at Guest Relations, but luckily I called Tony at work, and he confirmed that I had just left it at home.

Auntie Keiko's favorite, Tweety Bird
Riding the Carousel togetherThomas Train roller coaster (first time)Animal farm goats, sheep and a pig

We're home now and I'm pretty exhausted. But, I'm taking an online class in Early Childhood Education, and I have an exam that I have to do tonight. Yes, on Saturday night.

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