Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Birthday Wish (#2)

Man, I keep thinking that I'm 40, but really as of today, I am 44 years old, born in the same year as Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin. I told Maiya the other day, "You know how you're almost 4? Well I'm almost 44!" She said, "Oh, wow." I still feel 30 and some might say that I look it, although less and less, as I see more and more gray hairs every day. I'm not the skinny mini of my college days, and I seem to injure myself at the gym with some regularity. Anyways, happy 44th to me. You know what I want for my birthday, don't you?

No on 8. Donations to Great Leap. Vote for Barack Obama in 2 days. Not asking for a lot, but asking for everything.



Janet said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm 41 but I still feel 31 - but I definitely don't look it!
Have a wonderful birthday-

Jeff Lane said...

Happy Birthday!! well on Nov 6 is my wedding anniversary. I survived 4 years...yay