Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goodbye to Nancy

Sharing some of my FB photos here.
 Ms. J-town, the fabulous Nancy Kikuchi at the Taiko Gathering during Nisei Week 2013.  I called her the real Nansei Week Queen and the Mayor of Little Tokyo.
The two girls holding this sign, Olivia and Maiya were born during the making of this mural in 2004 and 2005. Maiya helped by placing her finger on the flame of a candle lit.. Olivia's actual image is in the mural, the baby sitting next to the Little Tokyo sign, under Nancy's image as a Bombu taiko player. Nancy loved babies and children, and this picture was taken for her last month in August 2014.

Today we said goodbye to Nancy Kikuchi along with 600 or more of her friends and family.   It was touching,agonizing, sweet and comforting to be among so many friends and coworkers who were so blessed to know Nancy. She loved Little Tokyo and we all loved her right back. After the emotional service at Higashi, was a lovely meal for us all to meet together and smile and relax a bit, and we were invited to walk the streets of J-town and take flowers over to the "Home is Little Tokyo" mural that is her legacy and her gift to us all.

Everyone loved Nancy... and Jtown just won't be the same without her spark and enthusiasm.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Grandpa Don’s Dogs

Grandpa Don passed away on April 11th.  We were fortunate that we got to travel with him twice last year, a week in Kalamazoo Michigan, and camping up at Lake Tahoe last summer.  He found out he was sick in October 2013. We were able to visit with him at home in Idaho last Thanksgiving and in March/April, less than two weeks before he passed away.  He was a good man, and one thing for sure, he loved Tony's mom Fran, more than anything.  

Maiya wrote this poem within a few hours after learning that Grandpa Don died.  

Grandpa Don’s Dogs
By Maiya Grace Kuida-Osumi

A greatful good grandfather,
5 dogs weren’t a bother.
A dog named Sadie,
Who is a very nice lady.
A dog named Magillicutty,
who’s my grandpa’s buddy.
A dog named Bobby,
who sits in the lobby.
A dog named Tito,
who likes to eat a burrito.
A dog named London Baby,
who could be a hound, maybe.
Who had a great wife,
and a great life.

We all love you Grandpa Don!


Lake Tahoe, August 2013

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year from the K-Os!

Can't believe it is 2014!  Year of the Horse!