Sunday, November 16, 2008 end Homelessness (#16)

Yesterday, me and Maiya joined about 13 people from Team LTSC for the United Way HomeWalk 5K - raising funds and awareness to help end homelessness. It was a hot, beautiful, clear Saturday morning, almost to 90 degrees in November, so I was a-sweatin'. Luckily the walk was in the morning because by afternoon the ashes, smoke and heat from the Southern California fires filled the sky and made the air quality really bad. Three of these photos, the nice quality ones (below) are from Mickie O's FB pages, and are awesome.

This is my favorite picture by Mickie. I was so happy to find and bring our old stroller. Maiya only ended up walking about 2 blocks, which made things much easier for me. I didn't have to carry her or deal with any major crankiness.
Me & Noelle before the walk started
This was a cool mural. Everyone was stopping to take photos.
My best friend Maria from elementary school/high school and roommate (87-90) with her daughter Hope. I called her from my cell phone to find that we were walking only a few feet away from each other.
After the walk, Maiya and Kaylene started to run and scream and laugh. Instant friends.

After the walk, we had to hit the road quick, because I needed to go to Costco Tire Center, then it was a quick shower and off to Baby Joy's Red Egg & Ginger Party. Maiya and I raised about $145 $205 to add to our team's fundraising goal. Big thanks go to Granny Franny & Grandpa Don, Grandma Machi & Grandpa Walt, Uncle Bill, Beth & Brian, Letty & Paul, Lily, Tony O and Yana. We appreciate all the support!

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