Friday, November 28, 2008

Visiting with Family (#28)

Last month, Granny Franny and Zeyde Don came to visit for the weekend. We had dinner with Tony's Grandma Shereley's friends, Uncle Izzy and Aunt Sarah and their daughters at Soup Plantation. We also went to the Farmer's Market and house hunting on Sunday afternoon. That evening, a bunch of family came over for a get together on Fran & Don's last night. We ordered LA Vegan Thai takeout. For some reason, we don't have pictures of Beth, Brian, Erin, Valerie and my parents. Maiya had fun with her godcousin Erin, they were in the playhouse in the dark while the daddy's screamed and shook the playhouse and lit up the night with their cell phones. Fun stuff.

Granny Franny and Maiya playing blocks
Don & Uncle Izzy
Fran, Aunt Sarah and Patty
Fran checking out the chili wreaths at the Farmer's Market
Maiya sampling the plums and Asian pears
Asking Cousin Danika to read "Momotaro"
Maiya's cousin Chris
Visiting with Aunt Gail, cousin Robin and family
Celebrating Fran's 60th

BTW, today, for Buy Nothing Day... we bought a house!
Or, at least we made an offer on one.  Details to follow.

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