Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Oh, I think I am going to join the NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month--where you post a blog every day in November. Yeah, because I need another thing on my crazy To Do List. I'm hoping that it will help me with some of my BlogBack up. Things I might blog about: Bill Sorro, Dick Kobashigawa, Legos, meeting the Mayor, diaper free(dom), toddler dysfunction, gentle parenting, play dates, J-town, adult and children's literacy, extended nursing, and a bunch of things I never find the time to write about.

Anyways, Yam is going to do it, so I can try too. So check it out here over the next month... and here's my new profile page for it. I'm not one to fish for comments (am I?) but I might need a little support.

Saturday in the OC

On Friday, we had a work staff retreat/strategic planning in Newport Beach and got to spend the night at the hotel. It was a good day. I was glad that most of the 47 people on the childcare staff where I work were able to attend, and I'm glad Tony was able to come and bring Maiya. Many have said, "What happens in Newport Beach stays in Newport Beach." The next morning, we all hung out (some hung over) with the next generation of LTSC kids.

Then afterwards, we stopped in to visit my Auntie Kumi. We realized I hadn't been to her house in 30 years. But it was perfect timing since her birthday was the day before, and my cousins Tina and Nina who live in Las Vegas were visiting. Another day and I would have missed them all.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun with Mama's Sarong

Spiritual Girl
Mommy. I Superman!

Maiya loves my sarongs. Except she has taken over them all and now they are hers. Teenage years are just around the corner I think. Don't get me started on the dresses and skirts issue. I will save that for another day when I have more energy. Which picture is your favorite???

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I love you Babies!

Maiya is growing and developing more every day. She's been experiencing emotions such as empathy, compassion, jealousy, and separation. Many of Maiya's friends at childcare have been leaving to go to preschool the last few months. About 2 days after her best friend Lauren left childcare (they've shared caregivers since they were 11 months old and greeted each other every morning with enthusiastic hugs), Maiya started talking about missing her friends and suddenly developed great interest in a collection of stuffed animals and a doll.

The other day in the car she was talking about wanting to go home and see her friends in our bedroom, talking about chicken, baby, bear, monkey, and big monkey. We have been sleeping with them lately and I have to say our bed is getting a little crowded. Here is our sweet homecoming.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Grannie Frannie!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reading to Maiya

Maiya loves books. Lately seems like we're reading 10-15 books a day. Or actually, it's probably more like 5 books, 2-3 times a day each. For awhile I was reading the Monsters, Inc. books at least 4 times a day, and there are 4 of them. It's a good thing. Here's an embarrassing parenting moment:

Jenni & Tony on couch watching a DVD. Maiya yells from the bedroom:
MG: "Mommy, Daddy! Come reading a book in the bed!"
TO: "Maiya! Come out here and watch TV with mommy and daddy!"

Eek. I thought about that jacked-up message for a second and got up to go read to Maiya. (See video below)

Maiya's favorite book right now which she has memorized is "Carrot Soup." We got it from the Little Tokyo Library. The cool thing is that using the library is free. Here'a a list of books we currently have checked out from two different libraries:

Carrot Soup (#1 most requested)
Smiley Shark (#2 most requested)
Hands are not for Hitting
No More Diapers for Ducky
From the Garden: A Counting Book About Growing Food
What to Expect on the Potty
When I Feel Jealous
A Bed for Jed
Does a Yak Get a Haircut?

Actually, the last 3 are for an assignment in my Literacy for Young Children class I'm taking. They're bibliotherapy books, meaning that they help children with issues they might be facing--or healing through reading. And, here's a video of me and Maiya reading the current #1 favorite: "Carrot Soup" by John Segal.