Sunday, April 30, 2006

Maiya's 1st Trip to Manzanar

We took Maiya on her first trip to Manzanar yesterday--driving over 400 miles in one day. For those who are new to this website, I volunteered for the Manzanar Committee for 9 years, helping organize the pilgrimage programs, running the Manzanar After Dark program, emceeing, stage managing, writing press releases, being the webmaster, publishing a poetry 'zine, helping with fundraising, and more. Last year, since Maiya was barely 3 months old, we missed the pilgrimage. So it was nice to go (without any responsibilities (other than childcare)). We went up for the day, and Tony's dad Larry joined us on the trip.

It was hot and sunny, so I was "paranoid mama" chasing Maiya around with sunscreen, picking up her hat all day long, and giving her water and apples all day. The heat was hard for Maiya, and she was a little cranky until she fell asleep in the sling. After a short nap, she woke up refreshed and ready to socialize. The day was exhausting, especially since I've been nursing a cold for the last week. Speaking of nursing, I had Tony take pictures of me breastfeeding Maiya at Manzanar.

Even though Maiya is only 15 months old and won't remember this trip, we have lots of photos and we can explain to her when she gets a little older about the importance of learning about things like the injustice of war, and how her Japanese American grandparents and great grandparents (and all their families) were put in concentration camps 60 something years before she was born. We can share with her why we think it's important to document your family's stories and to fight for justice.

Eating apples at Manzanar in the shade

Hanging with Mama before the Pilgrimage

Mama's LTSC co-workers

Giving rocks to Grandpa Larry at the interfaith ceremony

Doing the Tanko Bushi dance with Daddy!

My first family picture at Manzanar Pilgrimage 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

Play Time

A few weeks ago Maiya went on her first Easter egg hunt at the child care center party. After a busy few weeks at work, I took off Thursday and Friday. We hung out in the backyard in the mornings. Maiya and I went to the mall and she played in the mall kids area for the first time. We also went to the park with my sister Gayle and her kids, Kieth and Kaylee.

Me and Daddy got 2 eggs!

Me and Mama at the childcare Easter party

After playing in the dirt in the backyard with my new shoes!

Driving my first car at the indoor mall

I really love the swing, it's the best!

My cousin Kaylee (23 mos.) went down the slide all by herself

Auntie Gayle, Kieth and Kaylee (I'm hiding on Auntie Gayle's lap)

Yesterday, Tony, Maiya and I went to the Whole Child, Whole Planet Expo at the Convention Center, it was pretty awesome to go to the first natural family parenting expo. I sat in on a panel about the dangers of vaccinations. It was very interesting and makes me glad that I delayed some of Maiya's immunizations, and makes me wish I had delayed the ones when she was under a year. Tony and Maiya enjoyed all the free healthy and/or organic food samples and I loved simply being with other like-minded families. It was refreshing to see so many slings, crunchy mamas and attached babies.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Day in the Life

Taking care of my morning business on the potty

Helping mama with the laundry

Dinner time is fun time! I love my veggies!

Maiya's newest thing is her willingness to help with the laundry. She loves pulling clothes out of the laundry basket and carrying them to various parts of the house. She'll put the shirts around her shoulders and a jacket over her face and toddle around the house with it. Very cute. In the morning, Maiya tells us she wants breakfast by walking over to her chair and waiting until we lift her into her breakfast seat. She's not talking, but she sure can communicate with a few nods, head gestures and finger pointing. Every day is something new.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Gary's wedding

Here are some pictures from Gary & Christy's wedding that Saori sent from Kaz' camera. Hope it's ok that I dragged them onto my desktop. I've been friends with Gary for 20 years. It was nice to see so many different groups of friends and community folks.

Gary & Christy

Me, Saori and my nephew Kyle, who was the ringbearer

Kaz entertaining Skyler Mariko and Maiya Grace with bubbles

Sunday, April 09, 2006

39 & counting

TonyO and Maiya

Happy Birthday to TonyO! Today is Tony's 39th B-day. This morning, we went to the Ayala's and had chilaquiles, mmm, yum. It was muy delicioso. Then, went went over to Uncle Bill's and boxed up some of Tony's grandma's old fancy dishes. Then, Tony went to look at LCD and flat screen TV's, which is his current obsession, and then Maiya and I took a nap in the car while Tony did some grocery shopping. That's about it for today. Since we got home, I've been doing childcare, housework and laundry. I thought we might go out to dinner for Tony's birthday, but it's almost 8:30pm and he's been taking a "birthday nap" since 6:30 pm. Also, B-day wishes to my sister Gayle, and my college friend Lani, who both celebrated their 40th last weekend.

Yesterday, we went to an Easter party for Maiya's childcare. It was nice. She got 2 eggs and is walking around the house with thse empty plastic eggs. Then last night, we went to my friend Gary's wedding. My nephew Kyle was the ringbearer, so cute in his little tuxedo. I've known Gary over 20 years, which is hard to believe, but I'm so happy for him. I'm sure he and his new bride Christy will be very happy and wish them all the best! It was nice to see so many old friends at the wedding. By the way, bringing a toddler to a wedding? Not the smartest idea, if you want to eat, or have any kind of adult conversation. We left just after she vomited in her stroller after eating tons of crackers and flinging her green beans all over the floor. Next wedding, we'll plan to get a babysitter.

Now that Maiya is walking, she's everywhere all at once--and sometimes she can be a bit exhausting. At 14 months, she's very active--and is actually napping more. She decides when she wants to leave the room now, she plays by herself, loves putting things in bags, and walking around with as many things in her hands as she can hold. She's still nursing a lot--she's not showing any signs of wanting to wean, which I think is great, although nursing in public is not as easy as it used to be. Maiya seems to be acquiring more books and toys, and they are everywhere. Not just toys, but she loves ripping up pieces of paper and leaving them everywhere. This morning I counted 17 teeth, amazing. And, somehow, Elmo has become one of her greatest sources of entertainment... except for maybe this afternoon when Tony and I sang "Summer Lovin'" from Grease to her during a diaper change.

Anyways, it's a busy 3 weeks for me at work these days. I'm still working 3 days a week, but it seems like more. Ok, I've got to run. Maiya's getting a bit antsy. Always on the run. Toodle-loo!