Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote tomorrow (#3)

Jenni & Maiya say, "Vote 4 Obama!"

Yesterday was a fun day. We went for cousin Kyle's 6th Bday party at Pump It Up. Maiya had a great time. I gorged on pizza and felt it the rest of the day. Afterwards we went to my mom's house to celebrate me & my brother Darin's bday (40th!) - hopefully someone will share photos since my camera battery was not charged. Maiya had a tantrum of epic proportions that started at my mom's and finished at home. Remind me not to interrupt a nap after going to a party place again. Anyways, it ended with a little laughter and a lot of cuddling. Tomorrow the birthday continues with the Korean Spa with Laura and dinner and shopping with Lily. Well, folks I got lots of backblogging to catch up for NaBloPoMo, so stay tuned after the election.

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