Friday, November 14, 2008

Rx for Time (#14)

Earlier this year, I went to a conference of Calif. Child Development Administrators. Dr. Richard Swenson gave a fantastic luncheon keynote on "A Special Moment in History: Managing Time, Stress and Health in an Unprecedented Era." Here's a prescription from Dr. Swenson... Rx for Time:

1. Be intentional.
2. Beware of excessive speed and multi-tasking as solutions.
3. Say "no" to non-priorities.
4. Tame technology.
5. Periodically disconnect.
6. Turn off the tv.
7. Simplify, unclutter.
8. Prioritize, get less done, but the right things.
9. Prune activity branches.

Anyways, it's good, solid advice. I'll start after this weekend, right after I finish reading Chapter 11 & 12 and do 2 homework assignments by Monday, work on a group project, do a 5K with Maiya, a Red Egg & Ginger Bday party, try to help our friends move, get new tires for the car (Tony), do laundry, dishes, check FB, try to see Dan Kwong's show at LATC, Great Leap in Leaps of Faith, go to the Farmer's Market, go to the gym, pay the bills, check out some open houses, NaBloPoMo some mo, and breath deep. Someday.

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