Saturday, December 26, 2009

Odori Oseibo

Maiya's Odori class performed at the Oseibo, a year end party at the Buddhist Temple where Maiya goes to preschool. It is a chance to thank the ministers and teachers for their work all year long, and a chance for all of the temple groups to perform in a little showcase. Then afterwards, it's chili rice, hot dogs and pizza for everyone. It was a nice event. For the proud preschool parents, it is a highlight and a photo op, to be sure.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 09

Christmas Morn at the Kuida-Osumi's house
11 of the 23 Okazaki Great Grandchildren

We had a nice Christmas. I made broccoli salad 6 times over the holidays. This year we bought a big tree - it was really beautiful. Maiya and I made cookies for Santa, who came through the chimney, saw Maiya's drawing for Santa, and at our cookies. On Christmas Day we went to my mom's. I was a bit wiped out from the usual pre-holiday stress and ended up sleeping the next 2 days. Again, I managed to do Christmas only going to Target twice (mostly for gifts for work)... although I must admit that I have yet to do holiday cards (we'll have a new year card this year at least) and the Christmas gift I made for the family has yet to be completed. But that's life. Best for the holidays.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pre-X-Mas Festivities

I thought I already blogged these, but I must be confusing it with FB. Anyways, here's some random holiday events and photos from 12.09. Notice Maiya's dress in most of these photos, purchased last year on eBay.
Magician Maiya's little purple tree with purple lights
Tenrikyo SP Church's 80th Anniversary Celebration
started by my Grandma and Great Grandma
Putting up tree for Grandma's Kiddies Annual Photo
Maiya with Grandma Machi & Grandpa Walt
Me & my girl
Santa Claus came to our house on a sleigh with a police escort!
All the excitement on our block from Santa's visit
There's a Santa to measure up to (Angelina Preschool sighting)
7 Layer Jello for the Ayala's on Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye to Uncle Meg

Uncle Meg, Aunt Janice and Cousin Tina with Maiya in 2005

Tony's Uncle Meg passed away on Wednesday due to heart failure. He kept a low profile over the last few years due to problems with his health, but in his earlier days he was very supportive in the fight for redress, involved with the UCLA Asian American Studies Center's Amerasia Journal, as an employment and labor law attorney doing social justice work, and serving on the Little Tokyo Service Center Board for almost 30 years.

My first contact with Uncle Meg was actually a few years before I started dating Tony, when he served on a panel for the Future of the Nikkei Community Conference that I co-chaired in 1992, my introduction into the JA community.

Tony has lost his dad, godmother and uncle in the last 10 months, all of whom had diabetes, which makes me really sad. My condolences to Aunt Janice, who was married to Uncle Meg for 39 years, his daughter Tina, Uncle Bill and Tony.

There will be a public presentation/viewing for Megumi Dick Osumi this Wednesday, December 23rd from 2pm-8pm at Fukui Mortuary in Little Tokyo.