Sunday, November 09, 2008

5K for Homeless Families (#9)

Maiya at the LA Marathon 5K in March 2008

Every night in LA County, over 73,000 men, women and children are poor and homeless.

That is why me, Maiya and 15 of my co-workers are walking in United Way’s 5K called HomeWalk this coming Saturday, November 15th to raise money for homeless families. Please help us end homelessness by making a donation to HomeWalk through Maiya's Homewalk webpage and help us in our efforts to support the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

Thanks to Uncle Bill, Granny Franny & Grandpa Don, Grandma Machi & Grandpa Walt and Tony for their donations.

NaBloPoMo, 9 down, 21 days to go.

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Jenni said...

Thank you Beth, Brian, Erin & Letty & Paul!