Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To a Lady Who's... (#12)

Here's a poem that Tony found the other night mixed in with some paperwork. He wrote it 8 years ago, back when I was working at Great Leap, and working crazy hours, 10-12-14, even up to 17 hours a day during crunch time in August when practically all arts grants are due.

And even though today I am balancing work, marriage, raising a 3 year old, enrolled in a very time-consuming class, trying to work out regularly, keep the house together, still active in the community, on the Board of two organizations, house hunting, and now adding kiddie birthday parties and family get togethers more frequently these days, I have to say, life is pretty good, fairly balanced. Busy, but more focused (most of the time), and not nearly as stressful as it was 8 years ago, when it was all about work and community. What I love about the poem is the empathy in Tony's supportive words, back then. And even tonight, as he made dinner, gave Maiya a bath and put her to sleep with stories and books, while I finished my homework (due at 11pm tonight). Love to Tony who's... my best friend.

To A Lady Who's...
for Jenni
from Tony
on August 16, 2000

To a lady who's been working hard. Very hard.
To a lady who's been doing without sleep. Not much.
To a lady who's been under pressure. Lots.
To a lady who's been burning the midnight oil. To the last drop.
To a lady who's been pulling out her hair. Except the gray ones.
To a lady who's under-funded and over-budget. But who you can still count on.
To a lady who's eating fast food. On the run.
To a lady who's finally home. Safe.
To a lady who's in need of a hug. Maybe two.
To a lady who's... all mine.

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Janet said...

Wow - he's a keeper!