Saturday, December 26, 2009

Odori Oseibo

Maiya's Odori class performed at the Oseibo, a year end party at the Buddhist Temple where Maiya goes to preschool. It is a chance to thank the ministers and teachers for their work all year long, and a chance for all of the temple groups to perform in a little showcase. Then afterwards, it's chili rice, hot dogs and pizza for everyone. It was a nice event. For the proud preschool parents, it is a highlight and a photo op, to be sure.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 09

Christmas Morn at the Kuida-Osumi's house
11 of the 23 Okazaki Great Grandchildren

We had a nice Christmas. I made broccoli salad 6 times over the holidays. This year we bought a big tree - it was really beautiful. Maiya and I made cookies for Santa, who came through the chimney, saw Maiya's drawing for Santa, and at our cookies. On Christmas Day we went to my mom's. I was a bit wiped out from the usual pre-holiday stress and ended up sleeping the next 2 days. Again, I managed to do Christmas only going to Target twice (mostly for gifts for work)... although I must admit that I have yet to do holiday cards (we'll have a new year card this year at least) and the Christmas gift I made for the family has yet to be completed. But that's life. Best for the holidays.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pre-X-Mas Festivities

I thought I already blogged these, but I must be confusing it with FB. Anyways, here's some random holiday events and photos from 12.09. Notice Maiya's dress in most of these photos, purchased last year on eBay.
Magician Maiya's little purple tree with purple lights
Tenrikyo SP Church's 80th Anniversary Celebration
started by my Grandma and Great Grandma
Putting up tree for Grandma's Kiddies Annual Photo
Maiya with Grandma Machi & Grandpa Walt
Me & my girl
Santa Claus came to our house on a sleigh with a police escort!
All the excitement on our block from Santa's visit
There's a Santa to measure up to (Angelina Preschool sighting)
7 Layer Jello for the Ayala's on Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye to Uncle Meg

Uncle Meg, Aunt Janice and Cousin Tina with Maiya in 2005

Tony's Uncle Meg passed away on Wednesday due to heart failure. He kept a low profile over the last few years due to problems with his health, but in his earlier days he was very supportive in the fight for redress, involved with the UCLA Asian American Studies Center's Amerasia Journal, as an employment and labor law attorney doing social justice work, and serving on the Little Tokyo Service Center Board for almost 30 years.

My first contact with Uncle Meg was actually a few years before I started dating Tony, when he served on a panel for the Future of the Nikkei Community Conference that I co-chaired in 1992, my introduction into the JA community.

Tony has lost his dad, godmother and uncle in the last 10 months, all of whom had diabetes, which makes me really sad. My condolences to Aunt Janice, who was married to Uncle Meg for 39 years, his daughter Tina, Uncle Bill and Tony.

There will be a public presentation/viewing for Megumi Dick Osumi this Wednesday, December 23rd from 2pm-8pm at Fukui Mortuary in Little Tokyo.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jenni's Garden 2009

NaBloPoMo#29. Sharing some photos from our Spring/Summer 2009 garden at the new house. I didn't do a good job of prepping the soil, I just bought some small potted veggies and put them in the ground. So, the garden this year did ok, some plants died, and others only produced 2-3 things before blight and other things became a problem, and it just wasn't the bountiful garden that I had hoped for. It might take a few years to get the soil to be really nice. Anyways, here are the photos.
At far right was a ficus tree we took out. The stump is still there,
so I put some potted cactusand planted some succulents--April 18.
Best Boy and Momotaro tomatoes
(Momotaros died early on and replaced with Heirlooms)
Maiya helping water some peppers and cilantro
Took out some lily bulbs and put in squash and Japanese cucumbers
Aww, the first flowers are the prettiest--May 1
First zucchini, early morning harvest--May 24th
Better Boy - June 6th
Cucumbers started well, but only produced 3 cukes
Had a lot of nice zucchinis until the fusilium wilt set in
Still lots of tomatoes--July 28

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nisei Week Community Ondo 09

Maiya and my first time to go the Nisei Week Community Ondo, the Sunday that closes out Nisei Week activities in Little Tokyo. Here are some pictures.
I thought he was a squirrel, but no, Akita the Dog.
Maiya was happy to see her friend Lotis from preschool dancing
Lotis knows the moves pretty well so she's a good one to follow.
Actually, Lotis was following Tamlyn Tomita, who also knew what to do.
A bit of chaos as the line dance becomes circles
Maiya sees the Nebuta from the Nisei Week Parade
in front of the Far East Cafe on First Street

I have to say, it was pretty fun. Aside from a very cranky girl and a hot day, she did have a lot of fun dancing in the street. At first she wouldn't let me drag her out of the Koban because she was doing origami with Nancy. We had our first Shave Ice with Mochi Bits from Fugetsu-do, and man was it delicious. Often when we drive down First Street on our way to preschool, she will say, "hey this is the street with the dancing." Happy to be making memories of J-town for my little girl, wearing my grandma's obi. NaBloPoMo#28

Friday, November 27, 2009

Buy Nothing Today #27

This is the 2nd time we have participated in "Buy Nothing Day." The idea is to not buy material things on so-called Black Friday, filling our house with things we probably don't need, and for sure the earth needs us not to add more things. The first time was in 2007. Last year for 2008, we bought a house on Buy Nothing Day, opening escrow and everything. But at least we were helping the housing economy. This year, we stayed home, watched some TV, did some housework and cleaned the garage. I was up in the garage attic for the first time, and organizing things. I wish I could see more progress in the garage itself, but it is a work in progress. We were going to go up to Larry's house to work on it, but didn't. Anyways, I am happy to say that I am caught up on NaBloPoMo. It is coming to an end soon and I still have all these things to blog about. So maybe I won't go complete AWOL in December. Ok, got to run, I've got 2 mortgages to pay. NaBloPoMo#27

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day #26

We had a good Thanksgiving yesterday. In the morning, we hung out at the house, I was playing a little Farmville, and then made 2 broccoli bacon nut salads. Then we went over to Tony's Aunt Janice & Uncle Meg's house. This year, Maiya had two kids to run around and play with, so she had a nice time. It was also nice to see Nina & Danika, who entertained us with funny stories. I didn't eat any turkey as often I don't, but I had my fill of salads, salmon, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, and one bite each of four yummy desserts. Maiya started getting overtired, so then we headed back towards home, stopped at the grocery store, put together another salad, then went over to the Ayala's, where we usually go on Thanksgiving night. Had a nice time there as well.
Tony fitting in his high school football jersey!
Danika, Nina, Tina, Nori, Uncle Bill & Tony
Daniel, Kayla and Maiya
Back at home after a busy Thanksgiving Day

As always, thankful for health, family and friends this Thanksgiving. Lots of plentifullness in our lives. NaBloPoMo#26

Back to 2 1/2 Months (#25)

Aww, this is a cute one of Baby Maiya from 2 1/2 months old... Here is the link to the blog entry from April 2005. More backblogging to catch up #25 on the 26th... is this cheating? Cause I could look at and post these old pictures all night, but since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm freezing in my heaterless house, I'm going to go to bed. And, for the Farmville friends out there, I joined tonight. Not sure what all the fuss is about, but I was getting tired of taking my cookies out of the Y'oven.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nisei Week Parade 09 (#24)

Better late than never, I suppose. Here's some pictures of the 69th Nisei Week Parade. My first time to sit and watch it in over a decade at least. It was fun to bring Maiya. We came straight from the mountains to the parade.
Maiya on the parade route
Korean dancers
Maiya & Justin waiting during a lull in the parade
Open your eyes, Grandma Machi!
Friends from Bombu Taiko doing "Ashura" on a flat-bed truck!
Kokeshi float
Nebuta dancers make a joyful noise! Such fun!
Please Nebuta twins, don't run me over!

Well, it was fun. I'm glad Maiya got to see the parade. I have memories of going when I was a kid. And this ends my 2nd blog post for today. Only a few more days to catch up. NaBloPoMo#24