Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Busy Saturday (#22)

Busy day today. Got up about 7:30, blogged, ate a little breakfast, then me and Maiya went to Cousin Kaylee's soccer game. Very hot day, but fun to watch the little girls run around and play soccer. Maiya was getting overheated, so we went back to the cool side of the town, picked up Ono's Hawaiian BBQ for lunch, 99 cents worth of frozen yogurt, got gas (only $46!), then went to Uncle Bill's to have lunch. When Tony got back from dialysis with Larry, we went over to Mike & Laura's to help them unpack from their move to their new house. It was fun watching the 3 kids and helping, but overall a pretty long and tiring day.

So I'm running low on things to share for NaBloPoMo. Anyone have any requests? I'll try to be more energetic tomorrow or at least write something more meaningful, but right now I'm even boring myself. Yawn. Oh yeah, I have to get up at 5am to pick up Lily from the airport. Night all.

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Janet said...

I was so sorry we missed you that day! The girls LOVED their bento boxes and Sarah used hers for snacks on our flight back. Thank you! I'll post some pics of bento lunches (Southern style) soon-
Congrats on completing NaBloPoMo - I blew it in LA! I didn't even check email while I was there - we were just too busy.
Maybe we'll see you next year-