Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't kill the spiders... Yoda would say that

One thing is for sure, Maiya hates spiders.  She doesn't like them at all.   The tiniest of spiders in her room and she screams and carries on and wants them removed.  There is one in the corner of our bedroom ceiling and she looks up at it every night.  Even more surprising that I overheard this conversation in the backseat of the car this morning during carpool.

Maiya to Devin:  "Devin, if you see a spider, you shouldn't kill it or stomp on it or step on it or something like that.  Because it might be a daddy or a mommy or a big sister or a little sister.  Yoda would say that."

Then she opened her eyes big, faced Devin, nodding her head up and down while smiling and repeated, "Yoda would say that.  So instead you could take them outside with a cup or a piece of paper."

It's all about what Obi Wan Ka-Tony says.  Or what a makes a good Jedi.  Or what Yoda would say.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Weekend: Chopping with our hashi

Yesterday we shot a music video B.Y.O. Chopstix, a new Great Leap project--5am set up craft services, prepped and dished up the "props" food, getting to feel a bit like a waitress, enjoyed being part of the production crew all before 7:30 am... Tony & I picked up Maiya from her sleepover at Auntie Keiko's, watched her run the Chibi K in J-town, rushed back to Gardena by 9:30 to continue helping with the video shoot, then cleanup, then rushed home to unload the car at 5pm, we dropped Maiya off with Uncle Bill, then headed to Westwood to catch the bus and a few zz's to Hollywood Bowl, saw an incredible concert with Carole King & James Taylor (best seats ever! first date night in practically forever!), back on the bus to Westwood, back to pick up Maiya and come home after midnight.
Today, Maiya slept till 10, we made pancakes, 5 loads of laundry, 2 hours of dishes, took a nap (me & Tony), dinner w/Lily @ Tender Greens and the house is still a mess.  Great weekend.  Had to blog it here because it wouldn't fit on my FB status.  Lots more pics to follow.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Minna loves Jasmine: The Beginning

This is Minna, one of my dearest childhood friends.  
I have known Minna since the 2nd grade when
 she came to school with a note on her jacket 
saying that she came from Taiwan and didn't speak English.
Fast forward to 2010. 
Here is Minna's new daughter Jasmine from Taiwan, 
who was adopted by Minna and her husband Joe
a month ago.  Jasmine is 5 and is learning English, 
just like her mom did almost 40 years ago.  
Isn't she beautiful?  I love this story. 

 The Beginning.