Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween @ Home (#7)

Halloween 08: Left work a little early and rushed to get home before dark, but missed the office Halloween party for our After-School program. I didn't want kids to have to manuever our small front porch, so Maiya, Tony and I passed out candy from the porch. Not many kids came this year compared to the last few years. Kids were passing our house because all the houses around us were decorated and across the street from us is a house under construction, so it was dark across the street.

Because Maiya got so much (non-candy) loot at preschool, we only went to about 5 houses on our block, went to the next block to visit Maiya's new friend Mikayla, hung out there for about 15 minutes, then went to maybe another 5-6 more houses on the next block and then came home and went across the street to our neighbor's house to visit their totally decked out yard.

That was about it. Auntie Lily came over, passed out candy while I laid on the floor, exhausted. Then we went and got Islands takeout for dinner. The next day I went to the drugstore to buy some 50% off Halloween lights and decorations so that next year people know we are open for business. Cause ya know I don't need all that leftover candy.

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daddy in a strange land said...

Nice shirt, Tony. :) I gotta get me a new one of those, I don't know how many years old mine is. ;-P