Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reminiscing with Ladan E. (#18)

Maiya and I met Ladan for dinner tonight at Zip Fusion Sushi. What a trip to see a good friend from 26, yes my young friends, 26 years ago. And no, we weren't childhood friends, we actually met back in 1982, our first days in college. Ladan and Takae lived across the hall from me and my roommate Maura. We had a lot of fun in those days, hanging out, studying together, eating bad dorm food, dancing to new wave and punk music, shopping at Express, going to Penguin's for frozen yogurt, Tommies for chiliburgers, and really, growing up together. Then 2 years in the dorms, we lived in the same apartment building for awhile.

We figured out that it has been 21 years since we've seen each other, many moons ago. It's so hard where to start when you haven't seen someone in that long. It's like, "Ok, so fill me in on the last TWO decades of your life!" and "Oh! I ran into so and so, oh gosh I guess it was like 10 years ago." It's also interesting to be having a grown up conversation with someone who remembers you as a naive 17 year old. But it was easy to pick up almost where we left off and joke around. Neither of us is the same person we were back then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, but yet the essence of who we are deep down inside never really changes, does it?

Note to Ladan: It was so awesome to see you. Let's not wait another 20 years before we get together again. When I got home, I pulled out an old photo album that is falling apart, and found 3 photos of us. I'll try to scan them and get them to you. The 2nd photo of you above, was taken by Maiya. Jenni :)

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Anonymous said...

How great that you two have been able to reconnect. Wonderful picture of the two of you.