Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Space, My Red Face

NaBloPoMo#29: Last year, I started a MySpace page for Maiya, but they shut it down because she was under 14. I didn't have the energy to reload all the photos and make all the connections again. But I found out that Tony's mom Fran was on MySpace, so I went to check it out. Maiya saw her avatar, and said, "That's Frannie Grannie" when she saw the picture. Anyways, I thought I'd join again. So, here we are: MySpace/kuidaosumi. Will you be our friend?

Only one more day to go. It's interesting how I am willing to show my 1984 prom photo to the entire world wide web, but get 4 guys gathering around my cubicle this afternoon looking at the picture and laughing and I am embarrassed beyond belief. Also, because Dean actually knew my prom date, and thought Janet would have known him too. There's that small JA world again. I think I feel less exposed when I'm not around when people are laughing at my picture and reading my stuff.

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astrobuddha said...

I thought about offering a MySpace for seniors at the DISKOvery Center, but we decided that Facebook would be better, so we're offering a two day workshop next year! You may want to check our Facebook if you haven't already. Both Rockett and Zoe have accounts there too!