Monday, November 12, 2007

3 for Kindergarteners

Kids of the World

Birds of the world
do you have enough to eat?

And fish of the world
is your water sweet?

Trees of the world
do you ever cry?

Rivers of the world
are you free to run by

Kids of the world
do you dream?

People of the world
do you dream?

Little Seed

Little seed, little seed.
What do you need?
Water please, water please.

Little Plant, little plant.
What do you need?
Sunshine please, sunshine please.

Little girl, little boy.
What do you need?
Water, sunshine and love please
and love please.

People of the World

People of the world
life is not a mystery.
We do the work
and we make the history.

Tony wrote these poems and others like it when he taught kindergarten back in the 90s. I still love them. And now we can share them with Maiya. NaBloPoMo #12.

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yam said...

wow, those poems are great!