Monday, November 19, 2007

Not fair! Not fair!

NaBloPoMo#19: I was at a Great Leap Board meeting tonight. When I got home, Tony told me that when he and his dad were sitting down to dinner, Tony turned off the TV and Maiya had a huge tantrum. She was watching Jay Jay (The Jet Plane cartoon). He said she went crazy and was yelling over and over, "Not fair! Not fair!" She flung herself into our bed and pulled up the covers.

Granted, she's the child of activists, and we have taken her to a few protests and peace marches and rallies, but we did not teach her that phrase. We've never heard it before (I'm guessing she learned it at childcare today), but Tony said she was using it at bath time as well. Anyways, he sat with her and worked things out. Tony said he wanted to honor her feelings, so they talked about it. When I came home, she was happily coloring pictures of Jay Jay that Tony downloaded from the web.

It's not easy being 2, people always telling you what to do. We're just trying to negotiate it as best as we can. Either that, or she was talking about the war in Iraq. Or Afganistan. Peace. Out.

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yam said...

Hi Jenni! You've been tagged to complete a meme to come up with 7 weird/random things about yourself. The rules are posted on my blog. Have fun!