Friday, November 02, 2007


NaBloPoMo #2: Today I am 43 (years). Maiya is 33 (months). If I live to be 90, then I am not even halfway through my life. Anyways, I'm kind of liking the idea of blogging every day. I have lots of things to say. Today I took my birthday holiday off from work. Maiya loves being home. She's watching "Chicken Little" for the umteenth time and watched the entire H.R. Puf N Stuf DVD this morning while I was blogsurfing. I know, I know. Bad Mama.

Things I Should Do Today:
  • Trader Joe's (no food in house)
  • Laundry (it's already in the machine)
  • Car Wash (it's bcoming a hazard since I can't hardly see out the back window it's so dirty)
  • Get gas (before we run out)
  • Lulu's Natural Juice Fountain (I promised to take Maiya Wednesday but she fell asleep in the car so I went home and cut her nails instead)
  • Study for my class (ha ha ha ha ha! No!)
  • Go to the library (need to get Concept books for my next Book Bring assignment)
  • Read "Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason" (we're going to an Alfie Kohn Salon on Sunday with the West LA Attachment Parenting group)
  • Costco (haven't printed photos since August)
  • Workout at the Y (check. Went last night!)
  • Go to Korean Spa (I usually try to go during my birthday week)
  • Order San Jose Taiko concert tickets for my Darin's bday present (meant to go to the box office but forgot)
  • Go to Lakeshore (to buy supplies for our infant/toddler program)
Well, I'll be lucky if I make it to Trader Joe's, dance with Maiya and finish a few loads of laundry. We're going to see Mike & Laura and the kids tonight, take our first trip to Pump it Up for my nephew Kyle's bday tomorrow (hope Maiya changes her mind on the socks required issue or she can't join in). Now Maiya is walking around with my new iPod Nano watching Sesame Street. Oh remind me to blog about Mother's Club-went to see their new all eco-green Family Learning Center in Pasadena - it was awesome and the possibilities are mind-boggling. Life is good. Two down, 28 days to go.


Anonymous said...

Feliz cumpleanos Jenni! Sorry we missed your birthday. Hope you got to do some of things you wanted to do!

Letty & Paul

cynematic said...

and belated happy birthday, from a new blog reader!

eugene said...

happy birthday jenni! i just hopped over from the k-o website. glad to know your entire web empire is fully intact!

Allison said...

happy belated birthday!