Saturday, December 01, 2007

No Mo' PoMo: Reflections

Ack! I can't believe I missed the last day of NaBloPoMo! But still, I did do 30 blogs in 30 days (one day I did 2 entries, and another day that I missed I did two the next day), so I'm not feeling so bad about it.

Excuses, excuses: I was so tired last night. I had been up till 3:30 two nights earlier, and till 2am the night before. We were watching "Babe" again, and at 10:30, I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I went to take Maiya to bed, and of course, the next thing I know it's 11:59 and I for sure knew I wasn't going to get up and blog. I woke up again at 4:30 am and was up, mind racing for an hour and a half.

Anyways, I did have fun with it. I kept a running list of topics that I wanted to write about, but I often found that at 11:50 pm, I didn't always have the energy to write about them, so I would dig up a few photos and post a story or caption for it. Here are some of the topics on my Blog Ideas list:

* Playdates with Lauren
* The Great Preschool Debate
* Upcoming publication Nanka Nikkei Voices: Living JA
* Kanteen Kleen (stainless steel water bottles)
* ABC Meme (Tagged by Cynematic--sorry!)
* Goldilocks and the Three Bears
* Holiday Non-Shopping Ideas
* Maiya Born Story
* Saying goodbye to the Rafu column (since 1996)

Anyways, thanks to new friends, and those of you who stopped by regularly. I hit 800 visits and almost 1,400 page views according to my Site Meter, which is almost double my usual traffic.

So, the big question is, will I continue? Will I go back to my usual 1-2 times a week? Who knows? Maybe it won't be daily, but I'll continue to write. I mean there's still war and Bush, Maiya's going to keep on doing cute things, and we have a pretty full life, so I don't think I'm going to run out of things to blog about.

But until next year, Adios to NaBloPoMo07!

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