Friday, November 23, 2007

Declutter Friday

NaBloPoMo#23: Every year, I try to take advantage of that extra day off after Thanksgiving. Never made it to the gym today, but took a nice heavy nap with Maiya. I cleaned up the kitchen and emptied all the expired (2006) food from the fridge. Tony slept until noon and made turkey soup today. This afternoon I worked on filing in the disaster den, and we spent a few hours cleaning out the garage and loading up things for the thrift shop. You could barely walk in there lately, but now, we are 1 dining room table, 1 microwave/tv cart and 2 boxes away from parking in the garage after over 2 years!

If you're interested, this is such a deal. It's our Danish dining room table now on sale (again) on Craigslist. It converts from a round table to an oval by pulling out the leaf which is hidden inside.

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