Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prom Story - 1984

NaBloPoMo#21: I didn't actually go to my own prom back in high school. I had asked someone from my church (I was a Southern Baptist at the time) who turned me down, who later turned out to be gay, but neither of us knew it at the time. Well, maybe he did, but he didn't come out till many years later.

When I was in my 2nd year in college I met a younger man. He was a high school senior who picked me up at my cousin's church dance in Boyle Heights and we dated a few times before he invited me to his prom. He was the first JA guy that I ever dated.

I was so excited. My mom and I went dress shopping at the mall (it was a size 3!). I bought nail polish and corsages that matched my dress perfectly. I had our names engraved on wine glasses, and even tied matching bows on the glasses. My of-age roommate bought us a bottle of champagne.

The prom itself was not as exciting. It was in a hotel downtown and we didn't spend much time there, because he and his friends had gotten a cheap motel room on the beach in Santa Monica for the "after-party." Those motels are long gone. I recall he was doing drugs in the bathroom with others and he wasn't speaking to me, while I hung out with his best friend's date, who like me, didn't really drink or smoke.

He dumped me after the prom without explanation. I recall leaving messages for him asking for the pictures, but never heard back from him. But it's a small world. Ten years later, I was working at a law firm, and my coworker turned out to be dating one of his friends. I think she had asked me to review his resume since he was looking for work in a law firm or something like that. I tell you the JA world is very small. The funny thing is that she told her boyfriend, and somehow his mom found out and made him give me the photos.

Talking about it being a small world, it also turns out that Tony who I didn't meet until 1995, was at the same high school and was actually at that prom. So, here's my prom photo above, Prom 1984. Now show me yours (if you dare)!


Anonymous said...

Jenni, it's Tony. I wasn't at that exact prom. I went to the 1983 and 85 prom, but not the 84. Size 3. And I was 155 and were shirts with no Xs in them.

Jeff Lane said...

I went to my Prom alone, the girl I asked was asked first from someone else. Oh well, ended going with my friends. My Prom was at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

kristina wong said...

my first prom was totally traumatizing. i was supposed to go with my first boyfriend but he ended up at the same prom with a different girl from my school. and he just made out with her in front of me while i was there with this guy who worked at the donut store in my neighborhood. it was really totally disrespectful. and i got over it by giving out his address in my last show. it's a really nice thing to learn to work through shit in an adult way.

i took my friend danielle to the senior prom. i rented this crazy hoop skirt southern belle dress than flew up every time i sat down. we spent most of the night in the photo line. it was fun though. i am glad i didn't go with a retarded guy. guys are stupid.

btw, you look fab, i would have loved to borrow this for the opening this next weekend!