Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nice Room, New Moon (#15)

The other morning in bed in our room, Maiya sat up.
MG: Dis a nice room.
JK: This room, our bedroom?
MG: Yes.
JK: This is a nice room. What do you like about it?
MG: The righting (pointing at sunlight filtering thru the curtains).
JK: The lighting?
MG: Yes, and the red (flowered comforter cover), the white (lamp), blue (pointing at my robe on the hook on the wall), the brown (pointing at the dresser), and ABCs (pointing to the letters on the warning label on the bed safety rail).
JK: You know what else is in this room?
MG: Daddy (sleeping), Mommy and MG.
JK: Yes, dis a nice room.
Lately, Maiya has really been into the moon. When we're driving home from work, she will yell out when she sees the moon. But we hadn't seen the moon for more than a week. Yesterday when we were getting out of the car she was talking about the moon and I said, "Well it's been awhile, so I'm sure we'll see it soon." So last night, right before I left for class, Tony and Maiya were sitting on the front porch when she yelled out,
MG: Mommy! The moon! La luna!
TO: What kind of moon is it?
MG: Nana moon.
TO: She said it's a banana moon.
Eating a grilled Gruyere cheese sandwich for dinner.
MG: Mmm. Daddy this is good. Thank you for making this daddy.
TO: It was my pleasure, Maiya.
Possibly her first 9 word sentence.
JK: Do you want a snack?
MG: Yes, I want apple juice in choo-choo train cup.
And finally, in the car driving home tonight after going on and on about the moon:
MG: Mommy, I happy!!!
Every day with Maiya is a joy.

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Anonymous said...

these are great! i'm really looking forward to seeing maiya (hopefully for thanksgiving) and talking to her. hope to see you soon!