Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Prep 09 - Part 1

NaBloPoMo#1: Well, maybe I "might" do NaBloPoMo09, but more likely I won't. I sure have plenty of photos to share. We took 116 photos this Halloween. So, I'll share a few of them here. If I post 4 photos a day, that would give me 30 entries over the next month.
This is the first year I bought Halloween decorations. Actually I bought some last year after Halloween. And since it was our first year in our new house, I spent a lot of time looking at Halloween decorations this year. Last Saturday, Maiya & I spent about 3 hours decorating our front yard. Alas, only 1 group of teenagers came to our house last night. I was pretty bummed about that. But, I will still do it next year because me & Maiya had a lot of fun, and we enjoyed putting on the lights every night the last week. Funny because I'm used to not being into stuff like Halloween. Nothing like living with a preschooler to bring back the fun.

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