Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day #26

We had a good Thanksgiving yesterday. In the morning, we hung out at the house, I was playing a little Farmville, and then made 2 broccoli bacon nut salads. Then we went over to Tony's Aunt Janice & Uncle Meg's house. This year, Maiya had two kids to run around and play with, so she had a nice time. It was also nice to see Nina & Danika, who entertained us with funny stories. I didn't eat any turkey as often I don't, but I had my fill of salads, salmon, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, and one bite each of four yummy desserts. Maiya started getting overtired, so then we headed back towards home, stopped at the grocery store, put together another salad, then went over to the Ayala's, where we usually go on Thanksgiving night. Had a nice time there as well.
Tony fitting in his high school football jersey!
Danika, Nina, Tina, Nori, Uncle Bill & Tony
Daniel, Kayla and Maiya
Back at home after a busy Thanksgiving Day

As always, thankful for health, family and friends this Thanksgiving. Lots of plentifullness in our lives. NaBloPoMo#26

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