Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nisei Week Parade 09 (#24)

Better late than never, I suppose. Here's some pictures of the 69th Nisei Week Parade. My first time to sit and watch it in over a decade at least. It was fun to bring Maiya. We came straight from the mountains to the parade.
Maiya on the parade route
Korean dancers
Maiya & Justin waiting during a lull in the parade
Open your eyes, Grandma Machi!
Friends from Bombu Taiko doing "Ashura" on a flat-bed truck!
Kokeshi float
Nebuta dancers make a joyful noise! Such fun!
Please Nebuta twins, don't run me over!

Well, it was fun. I'm glad Maiya got to see the parade. I have memories of going when I was a kid. And this ends my 2nd blog post for today. Only a few more days to catch up. NaBloPoMo#24

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