Monday, November 23, 2009

Four Hours of Ping-Pong (#21)

When the Ping's come to town, we get together. Period. On their way back home after a quick weekend in San Diego, Mary and her family stopped by to visit. So, 19 of us got together with Darin & Sao's family, Steve & Maile's family, and Kaz & Chris' families for a quick 4 hour visit.

Tony threw together a big pot of spaghetti and some snackies and we sat and laughed and caught up on the craziness of everyone's lives. The kids had a great time doing arts and crafts in Maiya's room, making a Fortune Cookie House (fort), playing with every toy imaginable, making plans between the older kids and the younger kids (except Kevin joined the older kids), and just running back and forth from room to room. Maiya had a blast playing with all the friends. Lauryn the oldest said, "I love LA and visiting all my friends." Here's some of the crazy energy of 19 people in our dining room at once.

Kids Tables
Parents table (Photo Credit: 8 yr old Grace)
Mary & Friends
Everyone at once! (Click to enlarge)

Ping-Pong! And then, all too soon, it was over. NaBloPoMo#21

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