Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nisei Week Community Ondo 09

Maiya and my first time to go the Nisei Week Community Ondo, the Sunday that closes out Nisei Week activities in Little Tokyo. Here are some pictures.
I thought he was a squirrel, but no, Akita the Dog.
Maiya was happy to see her friend Lotis from preschool dancing
Lotis knows the moves pretty well so she's a good one to follow.
Actually, Lotis was following Tamlyn Tomita, who also knew what to do.
A bit of chaos as the line dance becomes circles
Maiya sees the Nebuta from the Nisei Week Parade
in front of the Far East Cafe on First Street

I have to say, it was pretty fun. Aside from a very cranky girl and a hot day, she did have a lot of fun dancing in the street. At first she wouldn't let me drag her out of the Koban because she was doing origami with Nancy. We had our first Shave Ice with Mochi Bits from Fugetsu-do, and man was it delicious. Often when we drive down First Street on our way to preschool, she will say, "hey this is the street with the dancing." Happy to be making memories of J-town for my little girl, wearing my grandma's obi. NaBloPoMo#28

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