Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rockclimbing fun for Kyle's Bday

For Kyle's 7th Birthday, we went to a rockclimbing place. It was Maiya's first time rockclimbing. I was amazed how agile some of the kids were... Maiya did pretty good for a first time. She didn't seem scared as much as it was strenuous climbing and going up bit by bit. She was pretty proud of herself.
Learning the "ropes" or the rules of rockclimbing
Kyle, fast as a monkey, to the top!
Maiya bravely attempting to climb step by step
Coming down fast
"Pretending to climb" while standing on the floor
Ice Cream Cake Time... Happy Birthday dear Kyle....
Only child to accept and eat the fruit :)
Afterwards, we went to Darin & Sao's house to celebrate me, Darin and Grandpa Hiroshi's birthdays. But really, it's not about the adults, all about the kids. NaBloPoMo #10 (I know, kind of missed a week there. Well, I never promised to do it all.)

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