Friday, November 06, 2009

Gasa Mama starts the day with Family Literacy

NaBloPoMo#6: This morning in the car as I rushed to drop off Maiya before going out to Downey for a training, I was telling Maiya what gasa gasa meant (it means busy). She said I was a gasa mama. My "day off" yesterday was a gasa gasa kind of day. First, Maiya & I went to our local library to celebrate First 5 LA's National Family Literacy Month with our Angelina Preschool Family Literacy program from work. It was part of the kickoff for the Read Early, Read Aloud program, and was an event which included readings by celebrities, including Constance Marie from the George Lopez show.
Maiya enjoying storytime for the first hour
LTSC Family Literacy program on the red carpet
My silly girl wearing her boa on her head

After the Family Literacy event, which seemed like a long morning, we went to drop off some dry cleaning next to the haircut place, first time in about a year, to find out that the dry cleaner is long gone, then went 2 doors down to CVS to look for sale item Halloween stuff but didn't find anything, quick poop stop at CVS. Still early for the haircut place, so we went next door to the little Hello Kitty type store and Maiya got to pick out some stickers. Then, finally at 12:30, got a much needed haircut--first time at a real haircut place (not Fantastic Sams or Supercuts) in years, then took Maiya to lunch at Mitsuwa. She ate an entire huge bowl of soba by herself. We were a little early for my haircut appointment, so we walked around the Japanese bookstore and Mitsuwa for awhile. Then off to my eye doctor appointment, during which time Maiya was getting a little punchy from all the errands. After that, we walked next door to the cake supply store, didn't buy anything, and then had to go back to the eye doctor for a 3rd potty stop, then had to go back to the cake store to look for Maiya's boa, which she had dropped, then went to the get gas, then went to a new dry cleaner by our house, then went next door to share a root beer float (Maiya's first root beer float). She didn't like the bubbles, but did eat all the ice cream.

Was kind of tired by the time we got home, mostly because we both needed a nap. Tony made some frozen ravioli for us with boiled arugula. Spent the rest of the night doing laundry, dishes, cleaning up the kitchen counters and wiping away all the dead and alive ants in our kitchen, quick shower, put Maiya to sleep (she fell asleep after only 1 book-no wonder), setting a new Bejeweled record of 170,000 and stayed up till 2am on the addictive FB. And there, in a nutshell, was my gasa gasa day off.

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