Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Improvement: DIY Bathroom

I never posted some of the DIY work we did on our old house to get it ready for renters. Our bathroom was a pretty disgusting place for several years, and not because of what happens there. When we moved into the house 13 years ago, we vowed to do something about it and the awful wallpaper and medicine cabinet which we lived with for 12 years, but never did until we had to get the house rented. In our defense, we did change the shower curtain at least 3 times, and there was a lot of cute 2 year old artwork with soap crayons in the shower, including a "Tony Loves Jenni" note scrawled near the shower head, which was there for a couple of years. Here are some before and after pictures.

Doesn't seem too horrible, huh?
Note the beautiful cabinet and faux marble porcelain countertop with random kiddie stickers.
Got to love that awesome medicine cabinet with a mirror I could only see from my neck up on my tippy toes for 12 years. Greenish yellow rose wallpaper was the highlight of the 1950s bathroom.

A lot of elbow grease went into the remodeling of this bathroom. It wasn't a complete renovation like our kitchen, but it was an inexpensive fix of what was pretty awful to start with. We have to give big props and thanks to Mike Mura for all his help in sanding, removing wallpaper, removing the old cabinet & sink, putting in the new mirror medicine cabinet, priming, painting, and installing lighting fixtures. Then, Noe & his crew who did parts of our kitchen remodel 3 years ago and our floors in the den, put in the new cabinet/sink in about 30 minutes I believe. We also had a plumber come and take care of some leaking in the shower and recaulking some of the tiles and floor. I did a lot of scrubbing, scrubbing and more scrubbing, and buying matching towels and neutral shower curtain for the Open House.

All this while Tony was taking care of his dad several times a day, shuttling him to dialysis, closing escrow on the new house, and working on other parts of the house at the same time during the Christmas/New Year holidays, a very stressful period in case you were wondering. In all, I think the remodel costs for supplies, decorations and professional help, was probably about $500. And there you have our bathroom remodel. Coming soon, more DIY projects on our old house.

NaBloPoMo#14.... and counting.

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