Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Election Day & Nishi Halloween

NaBloPoMo#3: Don't forget to vote! My first Culver City election (Tony still registered in LA I think). Learning about very local politics is pretty interesting. It wasn't hard to figure out the people I support. I thought I would miss LA more, but actually I don't.

And here are some pix from Maiya's preschool Halloween. Again this year, of the girls' costumes, only 3 were non-princessy/girlish (Maiya-Dinah the Dinosaur), a lion and a Silver Surfer (comic character?). I'm pleased that my girl really wanted to be a dinosaur... yet another year that I dodged the princess bullet. So to the many who have told me that the princess phase is inevitable, it isn't. Not that Maiya doesn't like pinkish girly things, jewelry and dresses, but it's all a part of who she is, which includes the girl who turns maracas into numchucks (no thanks to all of Daddy's Bruce Lee YouTube sessions). But I am glad that I haven't yet heard, "Mommy, I want to be a princess."
Hikaru (Batman) and Rockett (Picachu)
LTSC/Nishi kids line up!
Dinah the Dino and Snow White
Teachers dress up too!

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