Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 09

Christmas Morn at the Kuida-Osumi's house
11 of the 23 Okazaki Great Grandchildren

We had a nice Christmas. I made broccoli salad 6 times over the holidays. This year we bought a big tree - it was really beautiful. Maiya and I made cookies for Santa, who came through the chimney, saw Maiya's drawing for Santa, and at our cookies. On Christmas Day we went to my mom's. I was a bit wiped out from the usual pre-holiday stress and ended up sleeping the next 2 days. Again, I managed to do Christmas only going to Target twice (mostly for gifts for work)... although I must admit that I have yet to do holiday cards (we'll have a new year card this year at least) and the Christmas gift I made for the family has yet to be completed. But that's life. Best for the holidays.

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