Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thxgiving 2010 (#25)

Went to my mom and dad's house for Thanksgiving after watching Scott Pilgrim, not a movie about the pilgrims.  Tony & Maiya went to see Uncle Bill, then went over to his Aunt Janice's house for Turkey Day.  Auntie Keiko and I went to my mom's, then Tony & Maiya came later as we were just finishing up eating.  After, we went to the Ayala-Vera's (Letty & Paul's new house).  Didn't break out the camera there, but it was nice to see everyone.
 There's always an adults table 
 And of course the kids table.  My generation's table was in between the two
 Gayle's MIL Diane and her sister Aunt Marge
Kids had a lot of fun with oldest cousins Shannon & Ryan
Maiya with Auntie Keiko

And for those who read my blog yesterday and wondered what I ate, here it is.  Breakfast/lunch:  carrots  and hummus.  Appetizers:  about 3 tortilla chips with salsa, carrots with brie (instead of bread), olives.  Dinner: Mashed potatoes, green beans, ruttabaga (sp?), Italian sausage, broccoli & asparagus, corn, fruits (then back for seconds).  No turkey, I don't usually eat turkey anyways... it's the gravy and stuffing I really missed this year.  Dessert:  one bite of Maiya's banana cream pie and one bite of pumpkin pie.  Then at Letty's had one tiny slice of pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese (she said she made it for me because I LOVE it... ahh I could have eaten 10 slices).

Oh, and for the dorkiness... it's the Turkey Singalong.  Don't you wish you were there?
There you have it.  NaBloPoMo#Turkey#25.

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