Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Letters from Daddy (#23)

A few more "Letters from Daddy."
October 4, 2010
Dear Maiya, Good morning.  Did you sleep well?  I did.  Mommy didn't cough all night.  That's great. Let's go to the park after school today.  Love, Daddy

October 12, 2010
Dear Maiya.  I think you are cool.  I love you.  I will see you after school at El Marino. Love Daddy

October 18, 2010 *This one is Maiya's favorite.
Dear Maiya, Hello. Hello. Hello.  It's off to work I go and you school--see you at 4:32! Love, Daddy

October 20, 2010
Dear Maiya, Ohayo gozaimasu!  Good morning young one.  Did you sleep well?  Did you dream? Did your body and mind rest?  I slept like a baby - ga ga goo goo!  Stay dry today and enjoy your muffin and machaca burrito.  Oishi, neh? Give Mommy a hug and a high five for me.  Let's go to the library today after school and get a book on club houses.  Tony "Daddy" Osumi

November 5, 2010
Dear Maiya, Good morning Love.  How did you sleep?  I slept all night and didn't wake up at all.  What are you bringing to Share Toy Day? Gaga? Sarcastic Cat? Your plastic light saber handle we got from the hardware store? When I pick you up after school, tell me.  Tonight for dinner I'm going to make gohan--rice.  White steamed rice with a fried egg on top with chopped up hot dogs and tsukemono.  Do you know what tsukemono is?  I think you spell it this way in Japanese:  つけもの.  Can you read that?  Have a great, fun day.  Be brave and strong. Love, Daddy

November 9, 2010
Dear Maiya,We have a DVD to watch after school.  We also have to take it back after we watch it.  Or maybe Daddy will take it back later in the night.  Oops! I forgot to say good morning.  "Good morning!" What fun stuff are you doing at school today?  Will  you be chasing some kids or playing soccer?  Be like Invisible Girl Mai Mai and do teamwork.  Love and hugs, Love and kisses, Love and tickles, Daddy

November 15, 2010
Dear Maiya, Good morning.  It's Monday.  Time for work and school.  Yay!  Yesterday was a cool day. seeing you on the basketball court hustling and dribbling and passing and shooting and trying your best was exciting.  Having grandma and grandpa there made it even cooler.  Next week let's invite Uncle Bill and Aunty Keiko.  I'll see you at school in the afternoon.  I'll bring a basketball.  Let's not forget to read a chapter of 100 Dresses.  I wonder what the contest will be about.  What do you think?  (Heart) and (Kisses) Daddy.


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