Friday, November 12, 2010

Last day of preschool (#12)

I know, NaBloPoMo is supposed to be about me blogging and writing every day.  I committed to it, but really, I am using it to catch up on this blog.  If you're on FB, chances are you saw these photos back in August.  Here's Maiya and Devin's last day at preschool.  We carpooled with Devin for 5 months.  I think it was a good challenge for the two of them in terms of learning how to get along with others, and that you don't always get your way.  Looking at these pictures, you would never know that on this last day of school they fought in the car almost the whole way.
Cutie pies!
I took a picture of Maiya by this rock 2 1/2 years ago.
  See?  First day of preschool February 2008
Devin looks so grown up here.  He's like my 2nd child.
Here, they were bickering, as they often do, but it looks like a catalog ad for striped clothes.
 Maiya with Justin and a book that the kids in her class made for her.
 Maiya and Ryan, first "boyfriend," or maybe 2nd
 That night, we went to Mickie's going-away party at 410 Boyd. 
 Yes, that's preschoolers hanging out at the local bar.  
Actually, these kids kind of grew up there.
 Saying Sayonara to Mickie.

NaBloPoMo#12... so you know that coming soon will be pictures of the first day of school.

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