Thursday, November 04, 2010

Letters from Daddy (Aug-Sept) (#4)

Most mornings when we wake up for school, Tony has already left for work, but these handwritten letters with little drawings are waiting for us on the pillow.  Maiya and I read them together in bed, or if we're running late, we read them on the potty.

Maiya and Daddy on the first day of Kindergarten
Dear Maiya, I think today will be special.  Why?  Because it is your last day as a preschooler.  You can always go back to visit Nishi, but you are 3 days away from beginning Kindergarten.  It's a German word, Kindergarten. That's another language and country.  Kindergarten means "Kid's garden."  They call the class that because it's where kids grow into beautiful, smart and creative young people.  And I think you're going to grow into a beautiful flower tree.  Strong like a giant tree and beautiful like a flower.  Will you share your fruit with others?  Will your leaves and branches make shade for people and animals on hot days?  Will your trunk be a home to chipmunks?  Will you let kids climb and build a tree house?  Will people wear your beautiful flowers in their hair on special occasions?  Like a wedding.  Will you have a swing on your strong branch arms?  Have a memorable day at Nishi.  Love, Daddy

Dear Maiya, Good morning sweety.  I wish I could take you to school, but I need to go to school myself.  it's my first day back to work.  Summer vacation is over.  Have a great time today.  I will pick you up in the afternoon.  I'm going to call your name, bend down on one knee and then give you a really, really, really giant, humongous, jumbo super duper big hug.  Okay?  Love, Daddy

Dear Mai Mai, Oh my gosh!  It's your 12th day of school.  Did you know that 12 is also called a dozen.  Like a dozen eggs are called a dozen eggs.  Here's morning quiz.  What are these things? (Pictured are pencil, eraser, circle, glue and scissors - which she learned the Japanese words for the week's homework).  Mommy, you be the teacher.  Good luck Maiya.  Love, Daddy

Dear Maiya, When I think about you, I feel happy and good inside.  I'm proud of you.  Love, Daddy T. P.S. Let's do some fun homework tonight.

Hello Maiya Grace, I am writing with a purple marker.  I heard you read my letter yesterday.  Are you reading this one?  I have a teacher's union meeting tonight.  I'll see you tonight after shower.  I will give you a hug and try to capture you.  Love Daddy.

Photo taken by Daddy T on the school playground the first day of school
There's NaBloPoMo#4.


z. said...

I love this idea. Tony's letters were so sweet they made me a little teary. I'm a sap, I know. :)

Tish said...

Having been a fatherless daughter, Dad's like Tony heal the hole in my heart. Thank you.