Sunday, November 07, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Larry's House (#7)

Well, today was our last day at Grandpa Larry's house.  Larry's house is in escrow and should close this week.  Tony and Hector went up yesterday and moved and gave away all the furniture.  Today, we drove up and packed up the rest of the kitchen, bathrooms and loaded up what was left of the garage.  

Last Summer, we went up almost every weekend, packing up and cleaning up the house.  We went back and forth in trying to decide whether to sell, rent or turn the house into a vacation rental.  While we were spending time in the house, it reminded me of my family's condo in Mammoth and many years of happy memories.  Maiya and I enjoyed going down to the "beach" at Lake Gregory 1/2 a mile away while Tony worked at the house.  It's been a year and a half since Larry passed away, and almost 3 years since he got sick, so saying goodbye to his belongings and his house has been a long process.  

Kind of a sad day.  The house is empty now--but our garage and our memories are full.  

Photos taken on my new Canon PowerShot S95.  NaBloPoMo#7.

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