Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just in time--for health (#24)

So, I've been dealing with asthma since the end of August.  I used to have it when I was a kid.  It seems like I always had some form of exercise-induced asthma during my lifetime.  But in the past few years it has emerged every time after having a cold, which tends to drag on way too long.  This time, it has stayed around for almost 3 months.  I went to my doctor a couple of times and was prescribed two inhalers, given Prednisone, which didn't work, and then when I had to keep coming in for treatments and getting new medications, I got a nebulizer which helped.  But I wanted to wean off the nebulizer when it seemed like I was getting it under control.  But the coughing attacks, phlegm and wheezing didn't end.  I was still taking the daily inhaler, and the "emergency" inhaler several times a day and I don't know how many bags of cough drops I have gone through in the past few months.

I started going back to yoga after a 5 year break.  While I don't have energy to do the treadmill right now, a beginner Hatha class at the Y, I can handle.  After a bad week, I emailed my doctor again asking some questions and looking for advice.  Her suggestion was to do another round of steroids and switch to a different asthma medication.  More of the same, which hasn't really helped.  That did it.

Finally, a week ago, I went back to see my friend Victor Shibata, an amazing chiropractor and healer who does energetic work.  He has always been able to help... my back, allergies, the many times I have been unable to move my neck or head, when I wanted to get pregnant, when I was low on energy, when I had a bad cold, when my sciatica was out, when asthma kicked in... combining chiropractic with ART, autonomic response testing, which is a pretty interesting.

He does sort of a nutritional analysis and is able to pinpoint what is going on with some pretty mind-boggling precision.    He has been able to diagnose issues with thyroid, digestion and heavy metals such as lead and aluminum.  When we were in Cuba ten years ago and I was suffering from hammer to the head headaches from the heat and humidity, he did acupuncture and cleared it up.

I had a feeling Victor would tell me to cut back on my wheat.  Years ago, and I can't remember what for, he took me off of wheat.  My symptoms went away, and I felt much lighter, more energy, more focused.  And when I was better, I asked if I could go back to my beloved pastas and breads.  He said if you're feeling better why would you?  But of course, I did.

This time, he took me off not only wheat, but sugar as well.  I was expecting the wheat, I had been cutting back on pastas and breads as well as dairy products to reduce the phlegm.  No wheat AND sugar?  Just in time for the holidays.  While I do like licorice and an occasional sweet, muffin or donut, I do eat pretty healthy most of the time, eating a lot of salads and not a lot of junk food.  But of course now that it is off limits, it is everywhere and I am craving it big time.

In addition, he gave me instructions to drink 70 ounces of water a day (when I usually drink about 7 ounces a day if I'm not paying attention).  Not only that, but I am drinking water with INTENTION asking it to heal my lungs, actually my left lung to be exact, and to help me be healthier.  He also gave me occipital therapy, little accupunture pins to put in my ears, which he has me going in every 2-3 days to replace.  He also gave me vitamin supplements for my lungs, kidneys, liver (which showed weaknesses affecting my central nervous system), and 21 Vitamin B supplements a day, since apparently stress is depleting my Vitamin B (I have stress?  Really?).

While the dietary restrictions are not easy, living with asthma sucks and I am ready to move on.  So, definitely something I am willing to try.  I went back to Victor yesterday, while I am still having a lot of coughing and wheezing especially at night and in the mornings, I am feeling a little better.  He did some energy work to help me breathe better, a bit of acupuncture to open up my chest and lungs, got me to breathe from the diaphragm instead of the chest, and reminded me about stress and emotions being the root cause of my asthma and breathing issues.

So, watch me this Thanksgiving.  I won't be eating any stuffing or gravy rolls or pies or cookies or junkies.  But, I am grateful for this gluten-free life and thankful for the chance to work on making things better for me, my family, and the community.


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