Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Forty-Sicks! (#2)

I wrote "Forty-Sicks!" on my Facebook status today.  A few people thought I meant forty sucks.  Except that I am not 40, I am now, 46!  Can't even believe it.  The bummer is that I spent my 46th birthday at home with what I think was a quick and mild flu?  Had a fever the night before, then a bit of vomit.  Haven't eaten anything since yesterday at lunch... I vomited my liquid breakfast (3 juiced oranges) and had been feeling nauseous and weak.  Anyways, sick is not a good way to spend your birthday.

In addition, I've been living with asthma since the end of August and it's been a real drag what with all the coughing, wheezing, phlegm and difficulty breathing going on.  Going to make some time to do my annual self-care birthday gift to myself coming soon to a spa or Thai massage!  Well, right now I am vowing to make my 47th year a healthier one.

Oh, which reminds me of a story, I was at Rockett (5) & Zoe's (4) birthday this weekend and a woman asked me if I was Rockett's grandma!  Which is not that bad really, I mean I have friends my age and younger who are grandparents, so it's not inconceivable, but then that would make me Steve or Leslie's mom, and that is just not cool!  Well, I mean it would be cool to be the mom of such great people, I would be lucky if Maiya turned out to be like Leslie or Steve, but really, do I look like I could be either of their parents.  Please.
Steve and Leslie with Rockett & Zoe on the left

Ok, well anyways, hoping to change Forty-Six to Forty Lucky Seven in the next year!  NaBloPoMo#2.

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z. said...

Hey mama- sorry I missed wishing you happy birthday on your special day!! So happy birthday! I'm sorry you've been sick, but here's to good health for #46. :) xo