Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tanabata, Tanabata (#9)

Maiya and I walked from her preschool over to the 2nd Tanabata Festival back in August 2010, part of the Nisei Week Festivities.  My sister Gayle drove out to Little Tokyo from the Valley on a Friday evening.  Afterwards, we went to dinner at Suehiro's.
Maiya and Cousin Kaylee
Gayle with Kieth, Kaylee & Maiya
Sisters, Cousins (Photo Credit: Kieth)
Ms. Tanabata Kikuchi (haha)
Chris and Evelyn, Sansei Sisters of J-town
Tanko Bushi Mob Flash Dance attempted
If you haven't seen the Tanabata Festival, I recommend you go next year.  It's a pretty cool sight to see.  It's also neat how different community groups make their own, and each is very different and unique.  This year some really big ones came from Japan.

Oh, wait!  I just realized I never posted last year's Tanabata photos in 2009, so with this blog, you get 2 for the low, low, price of 1.
2009 Jenni and Maiya at 4 years old
2009 Maiya and Nancy Kikuchi pass out ribbons
Well, that's NaBloPoMo#9.

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