Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lunch on Maiya (#13)

I don't remember being this spunky when I was in Kindergarten.  I remember being shy and afraid of most things.  One day this summer Maiya told us she was going to make lunch and she got out bread, peanut butter and jelly from the fridge and made lunch for the family.  She even set the table with placemats.  Makes me proud.  Lunchtime!



z. said...

Go, Maiya, go!

heather fish said...

I don't remember being as spunky as my daughter at her age either and much as her spunkiness sometimes wears on my patience I do LOVE it! Oh, and I love your orange chairs... I wanted one just like that for Heather's desk in her room and could not find one... should have asked you to sell me one of yours ;)