Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rating My Space

Have you seen the website/new HGTV show RateMySpace? We've been addicted to HGTV for the last few years, not easy since we don't have cable, but we've been spending a lot of time at Uncle Bill's house lately. I discovered the website one night, and actually stayed up until 4 or 5 am, putting up our recent kitchen renovation. I was amazed to see like 1,800 people actually looked at our kitchen and made comments on it.

I put up our unfinished living room/dining room on the website, asking for suggestions to deal with layout, lighting and storage issues of our living room/dining room. You can find me under JenniK. If you like, please rate our living room/dining room, we are open to any suggestions.

Partially finished living room/dining room

Totally revamped tiny 1941 kitchen

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b.q. said...

Hi Jenni - Check out Kenneth Brown's portfolio on the HGTV reDesign might try this:,2496,HGTV_20776,00.html

We completed a couple of his projects over a year ago. A cool loft for a single guy, & a large living room/entertainment area for a business man. Both projects were beautiful, & the production company has called us back, but my husband didn't think show biz was for him (ha!) Anyway, we've had some great job referrals from the staff. I really love Kennth's vision for design. He likes Asian influence, & is excellent with colors & balance. He keeps it budget friendly too - adding simple art that you can do yourself. Good luck with your home projects ! Have fun!